Reno Outdoors

As a sailing team, we have been all over the United States, and one of the most beautiful and unique cities that we have been to is that of Reno. One of the true jewels of the south, we admire its bustling city life and professional attitude. Here, people think differently and it is always work before play. But what makes the city and the surrounding area truly great is the sheer amount of wilderness that surrounds it. You cannot throw a stone without seeing a beautiful river or forest and this is what makes the state truly unique. Its blend of business and pleasure is truly something to behold, and we have had the pleasure of witnessing it first hand.

Home to some of the best rivers in the entire country, its countryside is lush, green, and has plenty of access for people that want to enjoy it. Whether you are a hunter, hiker, or fisherman, you can always find a place to settle down and enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. In terms of sailing, its rivers and lakes are calm, clear, and untarnished by the pollutants of many large cities. Somehow, this gem of the south has remained untarnished and pure thanks to Nevada Heating & Cooling.

A fortunate circumstance

We are not sure how it came to be so beautiful here, but we are convinced that when it comes to sheer beauty, there is no place on earth quite like the city of Reno. As avid outdoor people, we tested our metal in terms of finding challenging and enjoyable things to do outside, and let us just say that the city and its surrounding nature did wonders for the state and explains why it has experienced such a tourist boon in recent years.